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#1 Top 4 Reasons How Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Improves Company Pe.. » By integrating your ERP and EPM platforms » 2020-08-14 22:17:42

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Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) processes have traditionally been fulfilled with manual spreadsheets files and long hours devoted to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of key financial data.
This process is at the core of decision-making that finance executives need to better guide their organizations.
Having a well-designed and process aligned EPM platform can take the unnecessary burden off of finance staff team members and put the focus where organizations need it most, on critical analysis and decision-making.
EPM usually ends up being the last of the processes to optimize when trying to achieve a world-class, finance-driven organization.
Historically ERP processes and platforms usually take priority when an organization is going through a finance transformation and upgrading their systems for the modern business era.
During these types of initiatives your organization’s EPM needs should also be a key consideration.
ERP + EPM = Performance, profitability and growth Organizations account for day-to-day financial performance in an ERP system.
Extending your ERP platform with a well-designed EPM solution offers your organization better end-to-end efficiencies across the entire finance team along by streamlining manual tasks and providing faster response times to key decision makers.
By enabling key elements of your finance process with an EPM solution, you simply automate, integrate and create reliability in a repeatable way and drive strategic growth, predictability.

And accountability. When an EPM solution is paired with an ERP system

it is supercharged with the ability to centralize data, enabling the organization to gain new and deeper insights into its current performance and, if needed, adjust accordingly.
In fact, Oracle — which offers solutions in both spaces — has been moving toward grouping ERP and EPM together as ERP/M.
The company has provided the following examples of how these tools might interconnect in practice:  An SMB sets up an ERP cloud to consolidate its most important workflows, for instance, finance, sales and logistics.
As transaction processing becomes more high-volume.

The ERP system struggles to keep up with the growing complexity with reporting

budgeting, and forecasting.
Enter EPM.

Oracle EPM helps (1) automate the close

(2) centralize budgeting and forecasting, and (3) provide better insight through delivered or self-service ad-hoc financial reporting so that the SMB type organization can set itself up better for growth.
Unfortunately, EPM is often an afterthought, despite these tangible benefits.

Companies may see EPM as too niche

or fear that its implementation may be overly disruptive, complex and expensive. But fear not.

None of that must be the case with Oracle EPM Cloud

especially now with the availability of two versions, Standard and Enterprise, and a new pricing structure that makes EPM capabilities more affordable to businesses.

Let’s look at four major reasons why EPM solutions are vital to sustained growth: 1

Improved focus on cost & profitability As your organization grows, profitability must be a top priority.
But focusing on it requires having granular insights into your overall operational cost and having line of sight to forecasting sales and revenues, .

Which ERP applications alone and manual spreadsheets can’t always deliver
EPM gives you visibility across all your lines of business

along with the cost and profitability performance of each either independently or combined.
This functionality can be used to formulate integrated, agile forecasts that will help you respond to economic changes in the marketplace while sustaining your business in the long term.

Simplified analysis and financial reporting Too often

organizations must rely on more than one system in order to meet their complex reporting requirements.
Moreover, ongoing changes with Domestic and International GAAP reporting standards and statutory compliance means that processes that may have once sufficed are now outdated.
The Oracle EPM platform has the agility organizations need to adapt and efficiently meet these new reporting requirements.
Enhanced Enterprise Data Management and governance Companies are generating more information than ever before and changing how they want to organize and analyze the way they see their business.
Handling these changes is more straightforward with the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution provided with the Oracle EPM Cloud platform.
Governing changes with your financial platform can create unnecessary confusion with those who are approving and setting up new accounts, creating alternate views of the business or managing multiple financial models all at once.

By deploying the Oracle EPM Cloud Enterprise Data Management solution

it is easy to centralize, govern and deploy the way businesses are using financial and master data across their organization.
Centralizing finance processes for a self-service end-user experience Today many organizations currently administer their period ending close process as well as their budgeting and forecasting with the corporate finance teams taking the lead with setup, oversight and execution.
By integrating your ERP and EPM platforms, you can set up the aforementioned processes centrally and begin deploying end-users to perform their own tasks.
Integrating and extending your ERP with EPM capabilities allows you to shift the burden elements of the corporate finance team to users now being involved and accountable at the cost center or business unit level.
How to get started with EPM We have only scratched the surface of what’s possible with EPM.
Growing businesses that have already invested in an ERP solution should consider enabling an EPM cloud solution to alleviate the spreadsheet chaos with finance processes in a growing business.
Contact the Inspirage team, who has deep experience in implementing Oracle solutions for organizations across all industries of all sizes, to learn more about how extending your ERP system with an EPM cloud platform can streamline and optimize your finance organization.

#2 Photos that make a difference – Photos for Food » Founder of Photos For Food and safari guide » 2020-08-14 22:02:37

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You can find the original of this magnificent post here This Magnificent Life The devastating impact of Covid-19 touches every village or town and every person across the globe.
Developing nation’s rural economies dependent on tourism have been hit especially hard.
Tourism exists in Africa largely because people can come and see the Big Five and other species.
In South Africa, where tourists would normally travel for wildlife safaris, the lockdown has left many unemployed and unable to support their families.
To aid those affected, a group of nature guides and friends have collaborated to create a collection of wildlife photographs for sale – Photos For Food.
FEED A FAMILY Each purchase of these unique photographs funds food parcels distributed by the non-profit Nourish. The organisation works to find sustainable solutions to conservation issues by tackling social issues.
These include poverty, low education, unemployment as well as a lack of education and food security.

Nourish is based in Mpumalanga – one of South Africa’s most poverty-stricken areas

Founder of Photos For Food and safari guide, Jonty Bozas, said, “We decided to do our part in helping the humanitarian efforts in fighting hunger, by donating some of our best wildlife photographs.” “During this time we have all been cast into a world that we are not certain how we are going to survive.
I could not help but think about the families in our local communities that do not have any income or any savings to get them through this time.” THE PHOTOGRAPHERS Other contributors include Ricci Bozas.

Gareth Poole (Guide at Singita)

Matthew Poole (MD at Safari Wines), Matthew Murray (Director at Completely Unique Safaris), Theo York (former Guide at Mala Mala Game Reserve), Nick Kleer (Guide at Completely Unique Safaris), Andrew Dankwerts (Guide for Wild Eye) and Grant Pengilly and Michelle Campbell (Owners of Wild Wonderful World).
50% from every photo sold will go to food parcels put together and distributed by Nourish.  The sale of each digital wildlife image will feed a family of four for an entire week.

The now-unemployed guides/photographers are donating their 50% back to Nourish

emergency wildlife conservation funds and conservation projects.
New photographs are added regularly, .

Offering more images that capture the beauty of South Africa’s wildlife

Since launching on April 25, .

The initiative has contributed over USD$1900 to Nourish for food parcels
HOW IT WORKS  Choose one or multiple images from the online shop
Click “Add to cart” to purchase the image(s) in digital format

Follow the steps on the screen to check out.
After completing checkout, you will receive a download link to your file(s) immediately.

Photos For Food will take it from here
50% of your purchase will be donated immediately to Nourish

so they can proceed with buying all the items that will go into the food parcels.  Photos For Food founder, Jonty Bozas, will be going to Nourish every Thursday to help put together the parcels and distribute them in the local communities.
Enjoy your little piece of Africa and the feeling of becoming a hero for one (or multiple) families in need!.
Photos For Food will update you through their social media channels about the families you helped support.

Follow on Instagram or Facebook

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#3 Intern Moin – Die Zukunft von Insert Moin (2020 Edition) » Kurze Sonderfolge »Intern Moin« zur Zukunft von Insert Moin » 2020-08-14 21:47:00

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Kurze Sonderfolge »Intern Moin« zur Zukunft von Insert Moin.
Micha und Manu reden über den aktuellen Stand der Patreon/Steady-Kampagne und die sich daraus ergebenden Pläne und Veränderungen in Konzept und Sendeplan des Podcasts für das Jahr 2020.

Ihr wollt Insert Moin unterstützen

Dann werdet Unterstützer*in auf Patreon oder Steady: Für nur 5 EUR im Monat erhaltet ihr jeden Montag, Mittwoch und Freitag eine neue Folge per RSS-Feed frisch zum Frühstück geliefert.

Darunter Reviews zu aktuellen Spielen

Einblicke hinter die Kulissen mit interessanten Menschen aus der Spielebranche, Meta-Diskussionen und Themen-Specials.
Die Unterstützung ist jederzeit kündbar und ihr erhaltet sofort Zugang zu allen bisherigen Premium-only-Inhalten mit über 2500 Folgen.

Alle weiteren Informationen auf www.patreon.com/insertmoin

und jetzt neu: Support auch per Bankeinzug ohne Kreditkarte möglich unter: www.steadyhq.com/insertmoin.

#4 Virtual Racing Season Takes Off » Our top woman was marathon OTQer Jenny Donnelly » 2020-08-14 21:31:11

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It’s virtual racing season at the Central Park Track Club – Tracksmith.

Without the NYRR club series or the Boston Marathon

CPTCers have been using GPS to light the afterburners and compete.

The club’s Connect the Corridor event

held in conjunction with our wonderful sponsors Tracksmith, Pacers and The Feed, will run May 15 through May 31.
The 2020 virtual season kicked off in April with two weeks of fast 5ks, organized by NYRR.
The event was enormous, with 12,376 finishers from all over the planet.
Nineteen teammates completed the race and many finished high in the standings.
Ryan ArcherRyan Archer led the men’s race for several days with his 14:49 but was caught at the end, to finish fourth overall and second in the 25-29.
Also in the 25-29, Luis Porto ran 15:07 for 7th overall and third in the age group.
Our top woman was marathon OTQer Jenny Donnelly, who finished sixth overall and first in the 25-29.
After months of marathon training, the 5k was a sharp move down in distance for Jenny, as she said after: This was a special moment for me because I ran 17:18, beating my seven- year-old PR of 17:24 from college (BU indoor track).
I’m much more a fan of longer distances, so spending a few weeks speed training and then racing was a new type of challenge for me – while not what I find the most ‘fun’, I was very proud to tackle it.

Jenny is currently leading the NYRR Virtual Brooklyn Half with a 1:18:42

Will world-class athletes enter the in the closing days.
In the 5k some seriously fast people like Stephanie Bruce and Des Linden came in at the last minute.
The waiting is part of the fun in virtual races.

CPTCers did very well in the age groups
David Greenberg was second in the 50-54 with his 18:19

I’ve been trying out a low-mileage/high-intensity training plan during the quarantine so I was curious to see how I’d do at 5k.
I picked a flat out and back along the Hudson, ran on a wind-free day and was pleased with my race.
All the solo workouts I’ve done helped me get through it with even splits.
Teddy Shum ran a PR, kicking in at a 15:59 for 5th in the 35-39.
I have wanted to go sub 16 for some time so was happy to sneak in with 15:59. I chose a nice straight and pretty flat course straight down the river and did it on a cold damp early morning at about 6 am before it got too busy.
The main difference was my fiancé was following behind on a Citibike shouting encouragement (and insults) at me.
At one point she even shouted “imagine what Coach Tony would shout at you!” Taylor Burmeister was 6th in the 30-34 on a carefully chosen course in Red Hook.
And therein lies a New York tale: I felt pretty good on the way out but hit a nasty headwind on the way back.
Still ran fairly even overall and managed a 16:27 – faster than I ran at Washington Heights and about what I thought was realistic.
Psyched myself up for this, but it was definitely harder to really push at the end then it would have been with other people in the race.
Overall a fun experience, but I left a track bag with my trainers, a shirt, my CPTC hat, and my absolute favorite pair of running tights under a park bench and it was gone when I finished; I think a parks worker threw it away thinking it was trash, so really my fault, but it put a slight damper on things.

Looking forward to the CPTC virtual race

Part of the fun of virtual racing is to pick the right course and time.
After deliberation, .

Greg Cass raced in Riverside Park on the very last day of competition

Greg had to dodge some barriers but was rewarded with 9th in the 35-39 with a 16:45.
By design, this was the least challenging 5K course I’ve run on (thanks NYC 5K courses…).  But I needed every little advantage I could find!  The wind was unfortunately not as strong a tailwind as I wanted – certainly helped, but as I mentioned in my Strava post, I was looking for “cheat code level” tailwind.  I had to negotiate a few barriers in the first half mile (probably good for not ruining my race right out of the gate), and I kept splits relatively close to even, which of course actually means I positive splitted.  I did wear a mask (old NYC Marathon neck buff) for the first 1.75 miles given the River walkway was pretty busy – certainly didn’t make it any easier, but it’s doable.  I’m not sure I (currently?  ever?) have the toughness to virtually race well, but it was fun to run hard and feel the hurt again.  I was ultimately motivated seeing some fast times from teammates / training partners.  Will be much easier to convince me to join another one of these in the future.

I’m sure we’ll see Greg race in Connect the Corridor

Paul Jones ran his first virtual race, hitting the top 10 with his 8th in the 35-39, 16:42.

First virtual race ever – Jenny Donnelly’s love of them inspired me
I finished 15 seconds faster than NYRR Brooklyn 5k last summer

My key was to run it on the track and run six equal 800m and then just bring it home for another 200m.  I liked the track –  it allowed me to set a goal of 2:39-2:40 and I had perfect conditions and executed.
It was a great joy to have such a sense of accomplishment before 6am on a workday!  Jenny Donnelly and Alana Kopelson joined a team for the Run Free Grand Prix, a team-based competition with races at 1 mile, 5k, 10k and half marathon.
Their squad, the Quarantqueens, took third of 35.
Jenny: Being able to structure 2-week segments geared towards a specific distance was a great way to drive short-term motivation & keeping running workouts ‘different’ and exciting while solo.
We all PR’d at least 1 (Alana and I each PR’d in 3 distances!), but more importantly had so much fun leaning into the team aspect together.
Now it’s your turn.

Register for Connect the Corridor

map out a perfect course, wait for the right weather and join these CPTCers and other competitors from the I-95 corridor.
-David Greenberg.

#5 3 financial services roles process automation is transforming » scheduled meeting with HR staff » 2020-08-14 21:16:19

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This is part six of our Process Automation Decade blog series

in which we examine how automation is evolving the workforce.
As organizations continue their quest for leaner, more resilient operations, the use-case for automation-driven tools and applications grows.
In fact, process automation is joining cloud strategy as a core component of digital transformation with the potential to significantly disrupt several industries — one of which is financial services.
Automation has already transformed some fundamental financial services processes.
For example, many customers now withdraw and deposit cash through automated teller machines (ATMs) rather than interacting with human tellers.
However, the financial services industry is rife with outdated technologies that desperately need automation.
Legacy financial systems rely on manual processes to complete the simplest of daily tasks, like making copies, sending documents, and performing credit checks.
Process automation transforms these back-office tasks, reinventing several financial services roles.
Bank branch workers Automating low-skill branch processes enables employees to shift into more high-skill positions.
Think about the transition from bank tellers to ATMs: These employees now fill a customer service role and focus their time and skills on fulfilling specific customer needs that require a human touch.
Process automation is the next tool banks can use to keep up with the increasingly innovative financial landscape.
For example, process automation can transform the everyday task of approving loan applications.
Advanced workflow tools automatically gather information from customer applications, deliver it to the systems that determine whether the customer is qualified and email the customer the decision — all without the intervention of a branch worker.
With the time they would have spent approving a loan application, branch workers can complete high-value work that requires human judgment and creativity.
Insurance fraud investigators  Insurance fraud bureaus process thousands of potential fraud cases each year, and each case requires an equally large number of documents sorted through a paper-based process.
Before an investigation can begin, a staff member must locate documents, make copies, and deliver the necessary documents to the investigator.
This manual process can delay the investigation by up to a week.
But it also consumes the bulk of that staff member’s time, challenges storage capacities, introduces sustainability issues, and costs a lot of money.
Process automation digitally transforms the insurance fraud investigation process by scanning documents into electronic forms, saving them into a digital library, and tagging them with the correct metadata so the system can route them accordingly.
This dramatically accelerates the investigation process.
Investigators can access the necessary documents on the same day they were requested, easily shaving a full week off every investigation, freeing up storage space, and allowing staff members to focus on high-level rather than administrative duties.
Bureaus that adopt process automation have reported yearly cost savings of around $5,000.
Onboarding staff members Financial services organizations rely on their ability to hire and retain outstanding, customer-centric employees.
Process automation can significantly improve the employee onboarding process — for both new hires and HR staff.
An outdated or disjointed onboarding process leaves new employees feeling disconnected, uninformed, and unprepared to serve customers.
An automated onboarding process, on the other hand, reduces repetitive tasks for onboarding staff and ensures immediate work readiness for new employees.
For example, automated welcome portals provide relevant benefits information and gather banking information required for payroll, making it easy for employees to integrate into the organization from anywhere.
Automation also eliminates the need for a formal, scheduled meeting with HR staff.
With centralized, streamlined information flow and task management, new employees are fully equipped with everything they need to get started — faster.
Also, this database of pertinent HR information is easily accessible by all employees from any location, saving HR staff hours and allowing employees to more quickly get back to work and continue serving customers.
Process automation is the next step in digital transformation for financial services organizations.
The industry faces rising challenges in the current economy, and new regulations and stimulus bills continue to add complexity.
Process automation offers a solution to rapidly adapt digital processes, enabling your organization to save money and boost efficiency in the midst of uncertainty.
Does process automation sound like the right digital transformation solution for your financial organization.

A process automation partner like Nintex can guide you through the process

map a solution, and take your organization to the next level.
To discover how process automation can transform your financial services organization contact our team today.
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#6 080: Batman: The Telltale Series (Episode 4 – Guardian of Gotham) » TIP JAR: If you’re feeling generous and love the show » 2020-08-14 21:01:11

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We stan Troy Baker in Batman: The Telltale Series (Episode 4)
Developer: Telltale Games | Publisher: Telltale Games | Initial Release Date: November 22

2016 Jacob, Mike and Moe rage at civilians, meet a new friend and finally get a W in these trying times.
Players: Jacob McCourt (@JacobMcCourt), Mike Ruffolo (@ruffolom) & Moe Murtadi (@mmurtadi) Web: LeftBehindGame.Club | Twitter: @LeftBehindClub | Instagram: @LeftBehindGameClub SHOW NOTES:  2:15 Recap of Episode 3’s Cliffhanger Ending Episode 4 Thoughts:  2:40 Chapter 1 – Price of Admission 6:00 Chapter 2 – A Serious House Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Home  15:25 The Checkpoint 23:15 The Vale Home   34:55 Chapter 4 – Back to Business 38:50 Chapter 5 – Another Night in the Office Chapter 6 – The Good, The Bat and The Ugly  49:55 Wayne Enterprises Route 54:10 Wayne Manor Route      NEXT SHOWS:  Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 5: February 26th Gato Roboto: March 4th Broken Age: March 18th  DISCORD: The Left Behind Game Club is a monthly game club podcast with a focus on positivity & community.
To talk to members of the community, join our Discord server.
TIP JAR: If you’re feeling generous and love the show, we have a PayPal tip jar.
Any funds raised will go towards hosting our site and paying for games and equipment as we look to bring you higher quality content every month.

#7 Meccanotecnica High Quality Book Automation Starts with Imposition Setup » Marketing Manager at Meccanotecnica » 2020-08-14 20:46:40

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Ultimate TechnoGraphics Inc., leader in imposition and finishing automation software, and Meccanotecnica (Bergamo, Italy), a world leader in book finishing solutions, are joining efforts in providing an easy and flexible way to automate the file preparation for the Universe Sewing, automatic book folding and sewing unit, for digital print finishing.
The timeless nature of a finished book sewn using Meccanotecnica’s Universe Sewing tells a tale about the history of book making for this company.
By looking at the production chain of creating such a product, the true art of book making starts with well-prepared and precise imposed files in order to deliver specific layout for printing and finishing.
In today’s market place, automation is key, yet print service providers using the Universe Sewing solution will not compromise on quality, and they do not need to.
Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ Ultimate Impostrip® provides the required file preparation containing specific barcodes and marks to automate with precision.
“We believe that automation is the answer to the complex reality that printers and binders have to daily face to meet today’s market requirements, says Stefano Formentini, Marketing Manager at Meccanotecnica.
The partnership with Ultimate TechnoGraphics not only will help users to save time but also to effectively reduce paper waste, due to validated, error-proof and automated imposition processes.” “We are glad to partner with Meccanotecnica since books are an application which plays a central part of our organization, says Julie Watson, .

Executive Vice-President at Ultimate TechnoGraphics

Books not only tell a story, but they tell our story.
In 1989, when we launched the first imposition software, we were bringing book imposition from manual stripping to a computer driven task.
The production chain has now changed, and automating manual make ready is key, yet quality books are being made in a new way to keep telling stories for a long time to come.” Meccanotecnica and Ultimate help printers and binders to produce millions of books everyday worldwide, and this partnership brings forward easy to use preconfigured automated imposition workflow for the Universe Sewing SHEET-FED and the Universe Sewing WEB-FED.
These solutions can be seen at Drupa, .

At Ultimate’s stand D06/ Hall 8b and at Meccanotecnica’s stand B46 / Hall 16

+++ About Meccanotecnica S.p.A.  Thanks to its solid experience in the traditional offset market and to its excellent technical resources, Meccanotecnica has been offering solutions for high quality digital print finishing for 20 years.
The quick turnaround time of digital printers is matched with rapid, high quality book production, making our solutions the perfect answer for book-on-demand, self-publishing, reprints or personalized books.
Our policy is to provide our customers with the best all-around package in the business: technology-driven solutions, reliable machines and quick service.
www.meccanotecnicagroup.com   The post Meccanotecnica High Quality Book Automation Starts with Imposition Setup appeared first on Ultimate TechnoGraphics.

#8 Hundefutter der Herrmann’s Manufaktur für ernährungssensible Tiere mit Allerg.. » Hergestellt mit natürlichen Zutaten in Bio-Qualität » 2020-08-14 20:30:02

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Hergestellt mit natürlichen Zutaten in Bio-Qualität, ohne Getreide, Gluten oder Laktose sowie Einsatz unerwünschter Zusätze und unter Berücksichtigung hoher ethischer Standards Die Herrmann’s Manufaktur, Hersteller von natürlicher Hunde- und Katzennahrung in Bio-Qualität, bietet auch für Vierbeiner mit einem sensiblen Magen oder Unverträglichkeiten das richtige Menü.
Häufiges Kratzen, exzessives Lecken, Magen-Darm-Probleme, Ohrentzündungen oder Hautödeme können Symptome einer Allergie oder Futtermittelunverträglichkeit sein und den Vierbeiner enorm beeinträchtigen.
Fleisch, Milchprodukte oder Hühnereier können ungewünschte Reaktionen hervorrufen.
Aber auch Getreide, insbesondere Weizen und Soja, gilt oftmals als Auslöser für Allergien oder Unverträglichkeiten.
Häufig werden Rindfleisch oder Wild ebenfalls nicht vertragen.
Bei einer Ausschlussdiät sollten entsprechend nur Fleischsorten verwendet werden, die zuvor noch nicht gefüttert wurden.

Auf im Verdacht stehende Zutaten gilt es dabei zu verzichten

Generell empfiehlt sich für diese Tiere ein Futter, das nur eine tierische Proteinquelle – also nur eine Fleischsorte – enthält.

Auch der Verzicht auf Getreide und Gluten oder Laktose kann helfen

Denn manche Hunde reagieren auf diese Inhaltsstoffe empfindlich.

Hier bieten sich glutenfreie Sorten wie Reis oder Hirse an
Wer komplett auf Getreide verzichten möchte

hat mit Pseudogetreidesorten wie Quinoa oder Buchweizen weitere Alternativen.
Pseudogetreide sind Körnerfrüchte von Pflanzenarten, .

Die nicht zur Familie der Süßgräser (alle echten Getreidearten) gehören

Sie liefern Energie sowie zusätzliche wertvolle Makro- und Mikronährstoffe wie Proteine, Kohlenhydrate, Fette, Vitamine, Mineralstoffe und Spurenelemente.
Die Herrmann’s Manufaktur bietet mit ihrem umfangreichen Portfolio und speziell der „Selection“-Linie, darunter die „Sensible“-Nassfuttersorten für ernährungssensible Hunde, .

Die aufgrund ihres gesundheitlichen Zustandes eine gezielte Auswahl an Zutaten benötigen

Im Zuge der BIO-Zertifizierung hat sich das Unternehmen strengen Kontrollen unterzogen und zusätzlich dem Erzeugerverband „Biokreis“ angeschlossen.
Dieser Verband verbietet darüber hinaus auch den Einsatz von synthetischen oder naturidentischen Vitaminen.

Diese stehen ebenfalls im Verdacht Allergien oder Unverträglichkeiten auszulösen

Die Sorte „Herrmann’s Bio Ente mit Fenchel und Buchweizen“ verzichtet komplett auf Getreide, Gluten und Laktose und setzt bei der tierischen Proteinquelle allein auf Bio-Entenfleisch.
Fenchel und Apfel sind nicht nur voller Vitalstoffe, sondern werden üblicherweise auch gut vertragen.
Verfeinert wird dieses Menü mit Leinöl, das zusätzliche wertvolle Fettsäuren liefert.

Alle Zutaten in diesem Menü stammen aus kontrolliert biologischer Erzeugung
Auch die Sorte „Herrmann’s Schaf mit Zucchini und Kartoffeln“

die mit Petersilienwurzel, Brennnessel, Nachtkerzenöl und Eierschalenpulver abgerundet wird, sowie „Herrmann’s Pferd mit Süßkartoffel und Zucchini“ mit Flohsamen, Leinöl und Eierschalenpulver, sind beliebte Menüs für Hunde mit Allergien oder Unverträglichkeiten.
Auch diese kommen ohne Getreide, Gluten und Laktose aus und gelten ebenfalls als sehr bekömmlich.
Der Fleischanteil der Menüs wird ausschließlich aus artgerechter und regionaler Tierhaltung bezogen.

Sie punkten nicht nur mit hochwertigen Zutaten

die unter Berücksichtigung hoher ethischer Standards und fast ausschließlich bio-zertifiziert gewonnen werden, sondern auch mit einem ansprechenden Geschmack und wertvollen Vitaminen sowie Spurenelementen.

Die Dosen sind im Handel sowie im Onlineshop der Herrmann’s Manufaktur erhältlich

Die 400 g Dose gibt es für 3,30 EUR, das Sparpaket mit 12 x 400 g liegt bei 37,80 EUR.
Wer bei der Fütterung ganz individuell bleiben möchte, hat mit dem Kreativ-Mix der Herrmann’s Manufaktur ebenfalls entsprechend Auswahl.

Die einzelnen Zutaten lassen sich gezielt nach Verträglichkeit kombinieren

Die PUR-Fleischsorten eignen sich dabei besonders auch für eine Ausschlussdiät.
Die Fütterung von Hunden mit Allergien oder Unverträglichkeiten sollte immer mit einem Tierarzt bzw.
einem Tierheilpraktiker abgesprochen werden, der das Tier und dessen Werte kennt.
Ansprechpartner für Journalisten: Till Konstanty • till(at)konstant.de Der Beitrag Hundefutter der Herrmann’s Manufaktur für ernährungssensible Tiere mit Allergie oder Unverträglichkeit erschien zuerst auf PR KONSTANT.

#9 1 epic beach day and 6 other bits of great horsey social media this week » Apatchy are designers and makers of bespoke lifestyle gifts » 2020-08-14 20:12:46

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Enjoy some of our favourite updates from equestrian social media channels during the past week.
From an interesting new beach day activity to Andrew Nicholson showing off his rugby skills, it all happened on social media.
Don’t miss the exciting competition on this weekly page.
Our favourite tweet each week will win either an Apatchy mini tablet case or an Apatchy cosmetic bag, personalised with your own initials.
For more information about the competition and to find out who this week’s winner is, go to the bottom of this page.
Equestrian social media posts of the week Drink up    A reminder from Ch’tibello to stay hydrated in the heat  pic.twitter.com/ePQvrNgbGe — Dan Skelton Racing (@DSkeltonRacing) August 12, 2020  It looks like Andrew Nicholson has some rugby skills    Ever wondered what your favourite riders have been doing in this strangest of years.
While filming the Burghley Weekend Sunday Programme we popped in to find out..Andrew Nicholson is first, keep checking back to see who is next… pic.twitter.com/7F4DXVpDm6 — Land Rover Burghley (@LRBHT_Official) August 12, 2020  Team Price has to remember quite a few things when going away competing…                  View this post on Instagram                      Everything but the kitchen sink  #travellingcircus @legrandcomplet #vivalefrance A post shared by  Jonelle Price (@jonelle_price) on Aug 12, 2020 at 5:10am PDT    Jockey life    Happy sweating  #30degrees pic.twitter.com/jPGYjEw6fi — Tom Marquand (@TomMarquand) August 11, 2020  These Police horses get to see some pretty cool sights    #PHPollard and #PHSamantha keeping a look out whilst on a hot late City Tasking patrol at the weekend ⁦@CityPolice⁩ ⁦@TowerOfLondon⁩ ⁦@LeadenhallMkt⁩ @Tower Bridge pic.twitter.com/jxoyqanHmw — City Police Horses (@CityHorses) August 13, 2020  The grass is always greener…                  View this post on Instagram                      There’s no stopping a trick-trained horse from grabbing snacks.
Savannah practices “bow” a lot in her free time.
#tricktraining #trickhorse #grullo #grulla #friesian #friesiansporthorse #quarterhorse #funnyhorse A post shared by  Natalie Sheppard (@foxy.filly) on Aug 8, 2020 at 2:06pm PDT    And congratulations to this week’s Social Media Post of the Week winner Maybe don’t try this one at home — but it looks pretty cool.
It’s good to know there’s an alternative career for Van Der Veen if he doesn’t make it as a dressage horse… Happy Midsummer everyone.

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