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Plan to join us at Momentum 2021

Since Momentum Youth Conference was established in 1939 we’ve seen God move in the lives of students and leaders in amazing ways.
What a privilege it’s been to have a front row seat to the revivals, commitments, changed lives, and “stakes in the ground.”  Our team is sad to not be with you at the Best Week of Summer which would have had its opening session tomorrow, but we hope that these 11 sessions will still be an encouragement in your walk with God.
It was hard to choose 11 sessions to feature as the “Best of Momentum” and there could have been many more speakers and years included, but you’ll see that these 11 had memorable impact and their messages are as culturally needed today as when they were first preached.
Plan to join us at Momentum 2021, July 13-18 at Indiana Wesleyan University.

We’ll be releasing the dates and locations of Momentum On the Road soon

We know it’s not the same as an opening session at Momentum which would have been tomorrow evening on July 14, but we can still worship God together.
Join Jordan Howerton on Momentum’s Facebook or Instagram tomorrow night at 7:00 PM EST as he leads us in giving God glory.
CE National, Inc.
PO Box 365, Winona Lake, IN 46590 p:574.267.6622 facebook.com/buildmomentum    The post Best of Momentum appeared first on Momentum Youth Conference.


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